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Coding a Blockchain from scratch

Have you ever wonder how a blockchain system works? Do you want to know how to code a simple blockchain application? In my new tutorial, you will grasp the basic concepts of the blockchain and implement a small prototype from scratch (in Python) to learn how a...

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Blockchain Explained

In this article, we explain the key notions and principles to understand how a blockchain works, such as the concepts of hashing and mining, and highlight its main properties. We also discuss about the reasons why blockchain is such a disruptive technology and how it...

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How is Data Science changing the world?

Every second on the Internet we send more than 2 million emails around the world, start some 50’000 Google searches, and likes about the same amount of posts on Facebook. And that is actually only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, we become more and more reliant...

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Mastering Yahoo Finance with Excel VBA

With the success of our first article about Yahoo Finance and Excel VBA, we decided to write another (shorter but more precise) article about this topic. This time, we are going to show you how to easily download stock quotes information in real time from the Yahoo...

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Hi everyone, Finally! I decided to start my own project where I would like to post scientific and technical content to illustrate my passion for data science, blockchain and computer science as a whole. I hope that you will appreciate the content as much as I will...

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